Connie Urbach

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your program has completely changed how I care for and feed babies. I have been a NICU nurse for over 20 years and thought I was up-to-date on the latest technologies and treatments. I found out that developmentally appropriate care with intentional thoughtful nurturing touch is not only important, but is an absolute necessity for best outcomes. I LOVED the part about neuronal mapping and how babies experiences become “hard-wired.”

Now that I see the positive responses in the babies, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing this all along. I felt like I was asleep before and now after making some major adjustments in my care and feeding practices, I feel like I am a much better nurse and steward. I can see it in the parents too! They get it. Your examples of poor outcomes from force-feeding are heart wrenching. They brought to life the seriousness of oral feeding experiences and how this not only affects the infant, but also the entire family, and not only for the newborn period, but for life. I only wish I would have learned about this years ago!

You guys are the BEST!