Infants in the NICU seem to spend more time surviving their feedings than enjoying them.

If you work with infants in the NICU, you are likely way past ready to change that.

But how can we make feeding more sustaining and enjoyable for babies?

The problem is bigger than any single tool, research or article, and too giant a task for one passionate person in a sea of staff.

We believe there’s another way…

We have created a program that changes feeding practice to better support the infant. Each infant in your care needs human connection and individualized attention. They need you to listen. IDF™ focuses on what’s best for the infant and family in the moment, rather than choosing to feed based only on age and treating every infant the same way.

Our program supports you, as the bedside caregiver, allows the infant to drive feeding practice and includes NICU parents in the feeding regime. Additionally, it provides continuing education to the never-ending line of new staff.

The best part is that it’s grounded in education—the only true way to instill lasting change.


The Infant-Driven Feeding™ Program is an online course created in the format hospitals already use for continuing education.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get when you sign up for this course:

  • NICU-specific video training to help identify feeding readiness cues and feeding quality (breast and bottle) at the bedside
  • Concrete ways to include parents in feeding practice from admission forward (This is vital!)
  • Comprehensive education on the importance of a neurodevelopmental approach to feeding
  • Practical tips to support development during bedside care (which, in turn, support feeding)
  • Footage of videofluoroscopic swallowing studies (VFSS) for safe swallow and aspiration
  • A consistent, easy-to-execute system for advancing oral feeding practice from admission forward
  • Interactive problem-solving activities for common feeding issues in the NICU
  • Permission to let go of the old feeding culture, while you continue to trust your well-earned experience and advance practice to better serve infants and families

And that’s just a snapshot of what’s included.