Connect NICU Parents to this Vital Feeding Resource

By Sue Ludwig and Kara Ann Waitzman

As neonatal professionals we often assume that when infants and families leave the doors of the NICU their feeding challenges are over. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, many infants transition well, especially when the utmost care has been taken to support their neurodevelopment, attachment and feeding quality.

Regardless of the level of care, some infants struggle with feeding not only in the NICU/transition to home period, but for years. Yes, years. The reasons are many and varied, and quite frankly, largely unexplored.

Most of the population is unaware that infants encounter feeding problems at all, much less to this extent. Parents are often lost and isolated in their quest to find help for their infants, leading them from expert to expert in search of solutions.

The great news? There is help!

Feeding Matters is an organization whose mission is, “To bring pediatric feeding struggles to the forefront so infants and children are identified early, families’ voices are heard, and medical professionals are equipped to deliver collaborative care.”

Feeding Matters offers an incredible array of educational and advocacy resources for parents and professionals as well as parent-to-parent support. Please share their website and information with your colleagues, NICU parents, NICU follow-up services, pediatricians and anyone in your community who may benefit from this connection.

Feeding does matter. For life.

Click here for more information about Feeding Matters.

*Disclosure: Infant-Driven Feeding® has no financial or non-financial relationship with Feeding Matters. We simply believe in their mission.