Your IDF Questions Answered – Save the Date

By Sue Ludwig and Kara Ann Waitzman

IDF-NN_04-27-16Whether in person (see picture right) or via hundreds of emails, we hear and respond to your questions about advancing oral feeding practice in the NICU. After all, it’s a big thing you’re doing. Changing a decades-old practice and culture is not an overnight adventure.

You need help. Support. A listening ear. Solutions.

You want to know:

  • the challenges other NICUs have encountered on the same journey and what they did to resolve them.
  • what it means to implement the entire IDF Model of Practice, not just the tool associated with the practice.
  • that your unit isn’t too far behind, that changing culture is possible, and even probable (i.e. HOPE!)
  • whether there’s a way to do this that doesn’t involve a few champions giving hundreds of one-hour in-services (been there, done that).
  • how nurses perceive our online education and so on.

We’ve met with multiple NICU teams (and hospital systems) and hundreds of individuals on the phone to address their challenges and support their progress. We think we have it now – your top 10 frequently asked questions. And we want to share those answers with the world so that everyone can benefit, while giving you real-time feedback on any additional challenges that have arisen.

How are we going to do that?
If you’re on this NewsNugget list, you’ll receive a special invitation in your inbox on May 11th to join us for a webinar on May 27th at 1pm EST titled: Top 10 FAQs: Implementing the Infant-Driven Feeding® Model of Practice in Your NICU.

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone who is struggling with current oral feeding practice (including breastfeeding) and culture in their NICU.
  2. Those that have implemented our online course in their NICU and have questions that arose after the education was completed. (This is actually a good thing!)
  3. Those that have heard us speak live about IDF or watched an IDF webinar/video, but have questions about how to implement the practice into their unit

For now, save the date. Check your email on May 11th for a link to register and we’ll talk on the 27th!